Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Malta Star: Zminijietna appeals for a more progressive cohabitation law


Zminijietna - Voice of the Left welcomes the proposed cohabitation bill with reservations. "The bill lacks in concrete progressive measures", stated Zminijietna.

Zminijietna said that "the limit for registration to a couple cohabiting should not be subject to a time factor, but couples should be able to register at the start of their relationship. According to the proposed bill, couples will be eligible for registration after a relationship of two years".

"Also this bill does not address the well being, and the social status of the cohabiting couples in a holistic manner. The bill gives importance only to the legal protection and financial maintenance, but it excludes the equal access for social benefits and tax reductions as enjoyed by married couples.

"We insist that the bill should be more specific on the termination of partnerships, due to mental and physical violence or any other abuse. This bill, although it recognises same sex couples, still discriminates, as the government still refuses to recognise marriage between same-sex couples".

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