Monday, 22 March 2010

Times: Cheap and sensational programme [Xarabank: Queer Mediterranean Memories]
Monday, 22nd March 2010 by Fr Lawrence Gauci, Mġarr

On March 12, I had the opportunity to watch the programme called Xarabank. It was the first time I had done so as I lived for years in Brazil and only recently came to live in Malta.

It was a very disgusting and sensational programme dealing with homosexuality.

I remembered a similar programme that was being aired on TV in my adopted country Brazil. It used to be directed by Carlos Massa nicknamed Ratinho (small rat). Everybody used to describe this programme as "sensacionalismo puro e barato" - pure and cheap sensationalism.

The Minister of Communication censored it saying that it misled the public, especially the poor classes.

Well, this happened in Brazil where every type of TV programme is permitted in a laissez faire society.

I wonder how this type of cheap and obnoxious programme is produced in Christian and civilised Malta.

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