Saturday, 12 June 2010

Times: No interference in private matters
Tuesday, 8th June 2010 by Edwin Vassallo MP, Mosta

With reference to the article entitled Government Must Point Out Consequences Of Private Decisions (June 4) where it was stated that "Mr Vassallo was clarifying comments he made..." I must declare that I gave my comments to the journalist because he was interviewing me and asking for more information about what my views are concerning various matters relating to family matters and issues. I had no need to "clarify" my comments made during the Social Affairs Committee meeting held on Tuesday, June 1, because my message was clear enough and neither did I utter such words as quoted by The Times: "Where he said that even what went on between the sheets..."

What I disagreed with was the heading given in The Times article of June 3 entitled What Happens In Bedroom "Is Government's Business" because it completely misinterpreted my intervention in the Parliamentary Social Affairs Committee.

The article contents run contrary to the title. Neither did I say that the government should involve itself in individuals' private lives.

During the meeting I said that the government is often called to provide remedial measures when relationships break down or change in nature.

I also stated that I strongly believe in the rights and privacy of each and every individual citizen and that the government has no right and should not interfere in private matters.

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