Monday, 7 June 2010

MaltaStar: The Government in our bed
04 June 2010 11:23

We thought it was April Fool. Did a N.P. politician really say that what goes on in bedrooms is government's business?

Perhaps if the N.P. could focus on getting its government right people would be willing to contemplate this thought but as it is it is producing a loud laugh across Malta.

To justify the silly quote of the week Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo says it is governments business because they have to deal with problems caused by gays, single parents and the other people the NP seems to deem as problematic.

MP Edwin Vassallo who uttered this howler should look at all the time and expense in the family court. Isn't that caused by problems in marriage. Look at most of the people who take up the courts time? Are they mostly teenage mums single parents or gay? Many are married.

The NP are just trying to distract people.This government is reeling from the scandal of poor
management of EU funds which it knew about since 2006. Students had to lose funds before they woke up. It is spending hundreds of millions on a heavy fuel oil power station. Our air is filthy. It needed Joe Mizzi to make them wake up about abuses at Transport Malta.

And they want to get into our bedrooms too. Can't resist it. Kindly get your own house in order first Nationalist honorevoli. NP voters, especially young people whose plans have been ruined are as disgusted as we are.

We repeat. You knew there were problems with EUPA funds since 2006. Have you been sleeping in the bedroom all this time?

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