Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Times: Censorship front shocked at Labour MP's comments

Wednesday, 9th June 2010 - 17:39CET

The Front Against Censorship has expressed shock and disappointment at comments made by Labour MP Adrian Vassallo on pornographic television channels at hotels.

The Front firmly believed that the majority of Maltese citizens would rather not live in a theocratic state like Iran, enowned for infringing on civil liberties. This was evident during the last election. In Iran, the front said, people were executed by the state for being homosexual, for being critical towards the Muslim state and for protesting in the streets.

It hoped Dr Vassallo was not in the business of making Malta a similar place.

"Dr Vassallo is welcome to share his beliefs about what is presumably unhealthy for society; but whether individuals, in their freedom of conscience, subscribe to his moral beliefs or not is neither his prerogative nor of that of the State."

The front said it was also disappointed that Dr Vassallo has stated he would vote against MP Owen Bonnici's anti-censorship bill.

It took this opportunity to call for bipartisan collaboration amongst MPs who had civil liberties at heart in order to modernise the country's laws on censorship and freedom of speech.

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