Saturday, 12 June 2010

Independent: ‘Law on cohabitation is necessary’ [FZL]

Though a law on cohabitation is necessary, it should not be discussed in isolation, the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti said. The discussion should be on a packet of measures related to the family, it said.

The government should without delay move legislation on divorce and FZL added, it believed the time had come also for the right of civil partnership for homosexual persons.

FZL said it was not enough for the Prime Minister to say they needed to discuss divorce. Divorce has been discussed for years and the country should draw up serious and responsible legislation on it.

It was an anomaly and a form of discrimination that should be removed to have couples who obtain a divorce abroad, which is then registered in Malta, and the couple can then remarry, FZL said. The basis of policies should be to make families stronger, but at the same time they could not ignore the realities that thousands of persons were having to deal with.

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