Thursday, 26 November 2009

MaltaStar: Adultery, homosexuality and same-sex marriages are wrong – Imam

26 November 2009 10:42

“When I expressed my disagreement with adultery, homosexuality and same-sex marriages, I did it out of honesty and goodwill,” Muhammad El Sadi, Imam of the Muslim community in Malta, said following a controversy over his comments in particular to the homosexual community.

The Imam expressed his concerned that “adultery, homosexuality and same-sex marriages” were incurring the “wrath of God.” His comments were met with indignation by the gay community and NGOs.

Writing on the Times of Malta, while offering an apology for those who have been hurt by his comment, he reiterated his position, stating: “I would be betraying my conviction, faith, mission, Muslims and non-Muslims and deceiving the Maltese public if I said that these practices were safe and proper, securing the welfare of man or pleasing God in any way.”

“These practices are wrong and we will keep advising people to avoid such acts,” the Imam added.

Imam added that through his statement he did not mean to hurt anybody’s sentiment but rather a defensive position to a number of provocative questions. “I was simply exerting my right of expression. If my words did hurt anybody, I do heartily apologise.”

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