Friday, 13 November 2009

Di-ve: MEPs push for mutual recognition of same-sex couples
13 November 2009 by -

EU members should recognise same-sex couples recognised in other member states, MEPs agreed at a joint meeting of the Civil Liberties, Legal Affairs and Constitutional Affairs Committees of the European Parliament on Thursday.

The committees were discussing what should be incorporated in the 4-year Stockholm programme of laws to consolidate EU citizens’ rights.

MEPs were in agreement on the need to strengthen common policy in the fight against terrorism, organised crime, illegal migration, human trafficking and sexual exploitation, but also sought to guarantee prisoners’ rights.

They noted that cybercrime was on the increase, and called for the setting up of a European Court of Cyber Affairs specialising in such matters.

The committees also called on member states to ensure that the principle of mutual recognition is applied to same-sex couples in the EU, at least in relation to freedom of movement rights.

On migration, members said that it would best be reduced via preventive measures. At the same time, however, the right to family reunification needed to be addressed, and while circular migration should be promoted, this should not undermine integration efforts.

On prisoners’ rights, MEPs said that EU citizens should be able to challenge disproportionate or unclear rules, and the inappropriate implementation of rules. In addition, the EU should establish minimum standards for prisons and detention centres and issue a common set of prisoners’ rights.

The draft resolution, by Spanish MEP Juan Fernando López Aguilar and Italian MEPs Carlo Casini and Luigi Berlinguer, was adopted with 29 votes in favour, 18 against and 37 abstentions. It will now face a plenary vote at the parliamentary session of November 23-26.

J Farrugia / 11/13/2009
NO NEVER WILL WE ALLOW THESE ATHEIST MEPs to interfere in our internal matters, and even if they succeed in their heinous attempt, we will never accept immorality amongst us. That's for certain. They have lost their own souls with all this ''pigsty correctness'' but we will not lose ours.

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