Thursday, 30 December 2010

Times: Gay marriage appeal devoid of compassion
Thursday, 30th December 2010; Patrick Attard, Naxxar

The Attorney General appealed the Constitutional Court's decision which had granted Joanne Cassar, a transsexual, the right to marry earlier this month (Trans-Gender's Right-To-Marry Appeal 'Waste Of People's Money', December 23).

The AG added the most insulting remark, that "same-sex marriages are certainly diametrically opposite to the Maltese public order".

May I ask to which Maltese public order is he referring? I am as Maltese as the AG. Would he perhaps be referring to the public order imposed by Malta's elite, namely the ultra-conservative government and its Do As I Preach Not As I Do partner, the Catholic Church?

What threat does gay marriage pose to the AG? Is it the right to be next to your partner's bed-side when he's very ill in hospital or the right to take emergency medical decisions in case of a serious accident?

I hope that the Attorney General's stone-cold heart received some much-needed compassion this Christmas.

On the other hand, we should commend Ms Cassar's courage, determination and altruism for continuing this battle even though her relationship has ended, in order to pave the way for other transsexuals after her.

I wish all the very best to all the Nationalist Party's ministers, MPs, MEPs, mayors and councillors, who always pledge to be on the forefront of civil rights and are now conspicuous by their silence, even though their fake smiles and empty words once again enchanted the Maltese viewers during Christmas time.

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