Thursday, 23 December 2010

MaltaStar: PL dissapointed at decision to appeal Joanne Cassar's court sentence

22 December 2010 13:06

The Labour Party expressed it's disappointment at the Auditor General and the Public Registrar's decision to appeal the Joanne Cassar's court sentence granting her the right to marry after a sex change.

In a statement on behalf of the Labour Party, MP Gino Cauchi said the decision to appeal this sentence is insensitive and does not respect human rights.

"On the day the sentence was given out Judge Pace justly decided that a person who has changed their sex and is recognized by the state to be of that sex should be allowed to marry, like people of that said sex" said Gino Cauchi.

"This decision conformed to Europen legislature and European Human rights. What is worrying is that in this country it seems that when the Authorities it will gain from EU law, we implement is as soon as possible- but then when a Maltese's citizen's human rights are being taken for granted we ignore legislature."

The Labour Party hopes the decision hasn't come about due to Conservative lobbying.

Gino Cauchi says "It would be a great shame if this decision was appealed due to conservative lobbying from higher powers, especially if it only boils down to someone's personal opinion."

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