Sunday, 15 January 2012

Malta Today: Gay rights movement 'optimistic' about same-sex marriage legalisation
Friday 13 January 2012 - 12:40 by Bianca Caruana

MGRM to present political parties with position paper on legal framework for gay marriages. The Malta Gay Rights Movement says same-sex couples must have equal marriage rights and obligations as heterosexuals.

The Malta Gay Rights Movement has presented a position paper advocating the best options for the legislation of same-sex marriage and families in Malta.

The author of the paper, aditus chairman Neil Falzon, said the movement was feeling more optimistic about the introduction of same-sex marriage in Malta since the introduction of divorce.

The paper provides a legal framework for same-sex couples to be married and enjoy the rights and obligations that are incumbent upon married couples.

"Marriage is no longer being defined as a lifelong commitment," Falzon said referring to the recent divorce law introduced last year. "This means it can be revisited again and be redefined to include same-sex marriages."

MGRM coordinator Gabi Calleja said that calling such relationships 'civil unions' would be still discriminatory because it would be seen as different from heterosexual marriages.

"Marriage for same-sex couples is the gateway for a host of rights and obligations which heterosexual couples enjoy. It would allow same-sex marriage to enjoy these same rights and obligations."

The position paper will be presented to the political parties and the LGBT community.

"We hope the paper will give rise to a reasoned and much needed debate that is respectful of our relationships and the families we create, and that it is based on secular values and human rights, rather than religious discourse.

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