Thursday, 12 January 2012

LGBT Labour on PL's Gay Friendly votes

11.1.2012 by Albert Gauci Cunningham

In view of the LGBT issue which has taken centre stage for these last couple of weeks one would do well to list Labour's stand on various issues since Dr.Joseph Muscat took over.

---Dr.Joseph Muscat has and is on record saying that he will never accept acts of homophobia and is diametrically opposed to views that hold gay ppl. to be "sick" "different" or "abnormal". This Muscat said to a Hall chock full of Delegates during Labour's Ge. Conference. He has also promised to work on anti-Homophobia laws.

---In many recent cases in Court its been Labour MP's who have fought for LGBT people and their cases which they believe ,as do we all, that their rights have been trampled upon. Dr.Jose Herrera (Labour MP 1st District) has been Joanne Cassar's lawyer in her case for marriage while Dr.Owen Bonnici (Labour MP 3rd District) has sucessfully been the Lawyer of a post-op male.

---Dr.Evarist Bartolo (Labour MP 10th and 12th District) was the MP who met and presented the Gender Act in conjuction with MGRM. Evarist is considered to be the most gay friendly MP in the House notwithstanding that there exists a gay MP on the Pn's side.

---The Labour Party in parlaiment declared and worked for the Rent reform to include LGBT people. The response it got? "Hekk jonqos issa" by a certain Deputy PM Tonio Borg.

---The Labour Leader Dr.Joseph Muscat has over and again declared to be in favour of Gay civil Unions but against gay adoption. This stance he took in public and in private during meetings he has had with MGRM and Drachma

---The Labour Party has 2 spokespeople for civil and minority rights; Dr.Gino Cauchi and Dr.Evarist Bartolo. The party also has an Equality officer, a post held by Dr.Rachel Tua.

---Labour MEP's Dr.Louis Grech, Dr.Joseph Muscat (when an MEP) and Dr.John attard Montalto have continually voted for anti-homophobia laws and for LGBT emancipation laws.

-FZL (Forum Zaghzagh Laburisti) have continously been at the forefront on LGBT issues through the media and through their presence in Gay Pride marches, protests and events held by LGBT groups. FZL has ,within it, the LGBT Labour Group. A group which exists in many other Parties ALL OVER EUROPE both Conservative (such as within the CDU in Germany) and Socialist (such as within the Labour Party in the UK).

---Labour Party newspaper Kulhadd, Labour party's News bulettins; One News and the Left leaning Newspaper owned by the GWU--L-Orizzont have always given their utmost and dedicated plenty of space for the LGBT cause.

--- Joseph Muscat was the first Party Leader to ever attend the Gay Pride March event. Infact Dr.Muscat was present for Malta's Gay Pride march on Saturday 9th of June 2011 together with Labour MPs Evarist Bartolo, Owen Bonnici and Helena Dalli.

----Dr.Joseph Muscat Leader of the PL and prospective Prime Minister promises ,in 2 separate occasions in the space of a week, that a new Government led by himself would introduce Civil Unions for LGBT couples.

Thats for the compare this with the PN's record to date and do your own maths.

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