Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Di-ve: LGBT Labour – LGBT people are not second-class citizens

by di-ve.com - editorial@di-ve.com
Politics -- 10 December 2011 -- 15:20CEST

LGBT Labour said that the Nationalist Party's discourse with regards to the rights of same-sex couples were vague and showed a lack of commitment.

"The time of the 'invisible' LGBT community in Malta is over. It's not right for members of this community to be regarded as a second-class citizens, which is what the cohabitation legislation promised by the PN government will render us as."

"Equality means that each person, regardless of their sexual orientation, can be given the same rights, opportunities and duties as other people in society."

Speaking on the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights, LGBT Labour said it condemned the fact that minority rights in Malta were not being safeguarded by the government.

Yet it said that it held out hope that in the coming months, the discussion about equal rights for all citizens would be fruitfully concluded, and new laws would be introduced to protect those who were suffering from discrimination.

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