Saturday, 21 January 2012

Malta Star: Bishop of Ragusa: The state should recognize gay civil unions
13 January 2012 06:19

The Bishop of Ragusa, Paolo Urso, said in an interview carried also on his diocese’s website: ''When two persons, even of the same sex, decide to live together, it is important that the state recognizes this state of affairs. A lay state, like ours, should not ignore the reality of co-habitation. Then the moral judgment about it is up to others.”

The Sicilian bishop broke with the Vatican line on Thursday when he said the state should recognise gay couples.

"When two people, even if they're the same sex, decide to live together, it's important for the State to recognise this fact, But it must be called something different from marriage," said Paolo Urso, bishop of the Sicilian city of Ragusa.

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