Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Malta Star: Campaign in secondary schools to promote acceptance of gay persons and address anti-gay bullying

08 December 2011 07:06

The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) on Wednesday launched an educational campaign that will go on for a school year to promote acceptance of gay persons and to address anti-gay bullying.

Gabi Calleja, MGRM coordinator, said the campaign will be based on video clips, posters and other literature, aimed at discouraging the use of disparaging homophobic and transphobic language which is used on an everyday basis to insult people; physical bullying because of a person's sexual orientation. It will also encourage gays to 'come out' and appeals to parents to listen to their children.

The campaign will be carried out in secondary schools. Educational material and lesson plans have been prepared to help teachers.

The campaign is being held in collaboration with Drachma Parents – a Catholic support group for parents of gay persons.

Anthony Girard, representing Drachma, said group representatives last year met the Archbishop to voice their concern about the Church's attitude to gay people. Parents loved their children unconditionally, he said, and he felt the church should do the same.

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