Thursday, 9 June 2011

Times: PN information director urges party action to get liberal voters back

Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 11:14

The Nationalist Party's Information Director has urged the party to take quick action to ensure that social liberal PN voters who felt disappointed by the party's stand on divorce, return to the fold.

"For this to happen the party needs to forcefully put forward its social liberal agenda and urgently take up some very important issues that need to be addressed, namely IVF legislation and cohabitation laws," Frank Psaila says in an opinion piece in The Times.

Following that, he said, more concrete measures need to be taken, not least legislating some "much needed and long overdue civil liberties the country can't afford to postpone any longer."

He did not specify what he was referring to.

Mr Psaila said that no way did his proposals mean that the party should alienate its grass roots, who tended to be more conservative by nature, "but it is a given that unless the party caters for many a social liberal it will have a difficult task come 2013."

"The PN is synonymous with liberty, free choice, respect for human dignity and, above all, solidarity. A healthier social liberal agenda benefits the party but above all the country. The PN needs to win back the trust of many social liberal voters and it needs to do so now," he said.

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