Tuesday, 21 June 2011

MaltaToday: AD welcomes UN declaration on gay rights’ violations

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011

Alternattiva Demokratika welcomed the United Nations’ declaration on human rights violations, based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

AD deputy chairperson and spokesperson for civil rights Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer described the declaration as a step forward for human rights and the LGBT community.

She stressed the “utmost importance” of having an official UN process to certify human rights abuses against gays, including discriminatory laws and acts of violence.

She said that in 76 countries worldwide, “consensual same-sex relations are illegal, while harassment and discrimination are common in many more. In some societies, such as Uganda and Iran, basic gay rights are still inexistent and being gay can actually lead to death.”

Arqueros Ebejer said that even though in Malta homosexuality was decriminalised in the 1970s and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation at work was made illegal following Malta's EU accession, “people with an LGBT identity are still being discriminated in various other areas, most notably when it comes to family policy.”

She added that green parties were always the most progressive parties when it comes to LGBT rights. "The LGBT community can rest assured on Alternattiva Demokratika's support.”

AD chairperson Michael Briguglio added that "in the coming months one expects further debates in Maltese society on discrimination in general and LGBT rights in particular.”

He also vowed that “as the only progressive party in Malta, AD will be ensuring that lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and transgender persons will not be excluded from such debates.”

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