Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Independent: MGRM welcomes divorce referendum result

Article published on 02 June 2011

The Malta Gay Rights Movement warmly welcomed the result of the divorce referendum, in which the local electorate has expressed its agreement to the enactment of legislation permitting civil divorce. "We wish to congratulate the entire 'Yes' movement on this achievement, and indeed the voters in delivering such an emphatic result," the movement said.

The referendum result amply shows that Maltese society is altruistic and aware of the realities and needs of minority groups within their midst, and exhibits the qualities of compassion, tolerance and acceptance.

This marks a watershed in the evolution of Maltese society, one in which civil liberties can start to flourish, and individual rights and responsibilities are afforded to other minority groups.

In particular, it is time for meaningful and substantial rights to be enacted in favour of the local LGBT community, rights that reflect the needs and aspirations of LGBT couples and families, rights that are inclusive and truly bring the LGBT community within the fold and embrace of the society and nation that they aspire to live in and contribute to.

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