Wednesday, 22 July 2009

MaltaStar: PBS ignores Gay Pride March, MGRM expresses disappointment

PBS ignores Gay Pride March, MGRM expresses disappointment
22 July 2009 10:27
The Malta Gays Right Movement (MGRM) expressed its disappointment at the state-owned media's decision not to feature Saturday's Gay Pride march in their news bulletins.

The Gay Pride March was held on 18 June in Valletta as part of the activities of DiverCity organised by the MGRM. All media were invited to cover the event, but TVM, the national television station, did not feature the event in its news bulletins.

Gabi Calleya, coordinator for MGRM, told that Public Broadcasting Services, the government media company operating TVM, Radju Malta and other state-owned media should have covered the event. “As a part of society, we do feel that we deserve the same coverage allocated to others. PBS should give a voice to everyone.”

Asked for a reaction on the march, Ms Calleya said that the turnout could have been better. However she was still satisfied that it kept the same levels of previous years. She noted that gay people often shy away from such events for fear of a backlash.

“We are here to say that one should not live his or her life in the closet. However, many homosexuals take a long time to come out in the open and they fear a backlash from their families.”

Yet, she noted that when it came to awareness on gay rights, things have improved.

The same cannot be said for gay rights. “Unfortunately, when it comes to rights things have been going very slow. Apart from working rights, there has been no more improvement. We hope that it does not take a long time for changes in our legal system to take place.”
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