Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Lisbon Treaty vs the Pope?
December 24, 2008 by Arnold Cassola

The Times reported that “Pope Benedict yesterday said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. (The Church) should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed”. The Pope said humanity needed to “listen to the language of creation” to understand the intended roles of man and woman. He compared behaviour beyond traditional heterosexual relations as “a destruction of God’s work”. He also defended the Church’s right to “speak of human nature as man and woman, and ask that this order of creation be respected”.

I am afraid that the Pope’s positions differ strongly from those of the governments of the 27 EU Countries who, in the Charter of Fundamental rights of the EU citizen, have clearly stated and stressed that any sort of discrimination based on sexual orientation is a crime.

I believe that the Pope is treading on dangerous waters when he comes up with this type of arguments.

Tolerance and respect of diversity should be the hallmark of all.

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