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Drachma: LGBT Catholic and Christian Communities refuse Vatican’s decision and statements’
7.12.8 by Mario Gerada []

‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’

Acts 9: 4

The words of Archbishop Celestino Migliore confirmed by Fr. Federico Lombardi sounds like terrible news for the international LGBT community.

It is sad that these words are pronounced by representatives of the Vatican; a message that is at the service of death rather than life. Pope Benedict himself warns us to be careful of ideologies. Doesn’t this statement verge on being one?

As LGBT Catholics and all Christians we ask:

Is the life of LGBT people less worthy than a teaching of the Roman Catholic Church; a teaching which itself states that ‘its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained’, thus a teaching which at the end of the day is based on lack of understanding?

Are we moving back to placing human traditional law, which claims to be divine law above the life of innocent people? The Gospel predicts that those who hold onto a law of human tradition, which has lost any basis in truth about the life of those involved, prefer their law even when it leads to the death of the guiltless. Isn’t the Vatican’s decision an echo of this Gospel truth?

Is the Vatican teaching us that LGBT people should continue being tortured and killed legally just in case they will claim further rights in the future if their life is protected today? Is this a form of punishment inflicted on LGBT people on one side of the world for the rights achieved by LGBT people in the ‘West’?

Such arguments are indeed sad and trouble the hearts and souls of LGBT people, their families and friends and many other faithful around the world.

Should LGBT people on one side of the world be ‘sacrificed’ because of the rights achieved by LGBT on the other side of the world? Is the Vatican trying to divide us in such a way?

As Catholics and all Christians this message is truly and deeply a scandal for our faith.

We love all Churches and are hurt when she is persecuted, ridiculed and mocked. We recognize our own Church as Mother and teacher. However, we cannot stand silent when the Catholic Church herself is not defending the ‘poor’, when she is not defending the gift of life, no matter who or what we are!

Taking such a stand within the U.N. violates the basic principle of protection of life, which as Christians were taught to be fundamental within our faith. As Catholics and Christians we feel obliged in conscience to support the French resolution to decriminalize homosexuality (supported by all 27 members of the European Union).

As human beings we stand for our lesbian and gay sisters and brothers. May we all live in safety and protection, without any fear of persecution, free to be true to our created nature; gifts that enrich both society and religion/s, beautiful human beings whose goodness is to be shared with all humanity.

We therefore call the Pope to genuine and honest dialogue about gay issues, a dialogue in true faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ. May we together work for the Kingdom, in an undivided manner.

‘Let my people go’
Ex 8: 16

Added Information about the French Resolution,8599,1863465,00.html?xid=site-cnn-partner

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