Thursday, 7 July 2011

MaltaToday: Gay marriage approved by New York state senate

New York state senate has approved same sex marriages

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill legalizing gay marriage, as gay rights activists cheered and danced in the streets of the city as news spread state senate had narrowly approved the Marriage Equality Act.

The measure, which will take effect in 30 days, was signed into law few hours just before midnight. The legislators voted 33-29, with four Republicans joining the Democratic senators.

Cuomo, who had lobbied hard for the measure, said: "Democracy works when the people speak. And the people spoke in volumes over these past few months. And this legislature responded this week to their calls."

"What we accomplished this evening with marriage equality really in some ways brings it all home. Because this state, when it is at its finest, is a beacon for social justice," he added

The Democratic-majority lower house, the state assembly, approved a similar gay marriage bill on June 14, and later ratified the changes made by the senate. The measure's approval coincides with the beginning of an annual weekend event celebrating gay pride in New York.

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