Sunday, 10 July 2011

Di-ve: Żminijietna supports LGBT Pride March
by Gerald Fenech -
Current Affairs -- 09 July 2011 -- 11:10CEST

Żminijietna - Voice of the Left supports the LGBT Pride March in Valletta. The movement said that it welcomed the UN Resolution on Gay Rights based on the rejection of abuses against people with a different sexual orientation.

“LGBT people should not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. In this regard we believe that apart from prohibiting discrimination in employment, Malta's social policy should also be inclusive in areas such as family policy, where same-sex persons should be allowed to form civil partnerships which are not discriminated against in social protection”.

“This UN Resolution is the first ever to bring specific focus to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It is giving support to human rights defenders working on these issues, and is recognising the legitimacy of their work. International reports show that LGBT people, are subject to violence, rape and murders.”

Żminijietna condemns also the recent comments made by India’s Health Minister, describing homosexuality as a disease. “These comments are insensitive to people with a different sexual orientation, and goes against the UN Resolution”.

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