Tuesday, 19 July 2011

MaltaToday: Cyrus Engerer reveals widespread frustration among Nationalist MPs

Sliema deputy mayor and former Nationalist candidate CyrusEngerer recounts how various Nationalist MPs contacted him to vent their own frustrations at the current PN administration.

Weekly newspaper Illum reports how Engerer says that his shift from the PN to Labour’s ranks provoked a number of attacks, yet also brought out support from many – including Nationalist exponents.

“There were attacks, and I understand the feelings of disappointment among many,” Engerer said. “However what struck me most were the various messages of courage from people who were in the PN, and others who are still today active in various PN organs and structures.”

“They told me that they were feeling the same thing,” Engerer told Illum, adding that among these were even MPs.

“Yes, there were various nationalist parliamentary members who told me that they were also irked by the PN, and expressed their support towards me and what I was doing,” he said.

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