Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Independent: ‘Debate should have taken place once auditor’s report was released’ – PM [Gonzi talks about gay issues]

3.5.10 by Scott Grech

[Excerpt from the article. The entire article can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink above.]


Dr Gonzi spent the best part of an hour yesterday morning in a dialogue with youngsters at the PN quarters in Msida, a question and answer session which was chaired by journalist Peppi Azzopardi.


A gay person also spoke up during yesterday’s interaction with the Prime Minister, voicing his concern that despite living in 2010, homosexuals are still being discriminated against in their workplace or while furthering their education in institutions such as University.

The worried youngster said that all children from a very young age should be taught about the differences between heterosexual relationships and a gay or lesbian relationship.

Dr Gonzi said that even though the issue is a very delicate subject, there is no place for discrimination in today’s society.

“Society is like a rainbow, with different shades of diversity. If one omits one of the colours of the rainbow, then that rainbow, just like society, becomes dysfunctional. It is unacceptable for gays and lesbians to be subject to prejudice or discrimination, yet I am the first to admit that such discriminatory attitudes are still prevalent in today’s society.

“Eradicating this matter would only be possible if this problem is tackled openly in public, which is where education becomes pivotal and key to every child’s upbringing,” said Dr Gonzi.


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  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    Sometimes, when I read stuff like this happening in Malta, I am stunned. What a courageous youngster, I think his/her parents should be thanked for brining him/her up with such acceptance and understanding of life. If only now Gonzi or who else is in power does something about this and not just talk. Again, saying what Gonzi said is an incredible surprise and achievement for Catholic Church controlled Malta. Please Mr. Gonzi make it happen in parliament. Frank Sammut