Thursday, 31 October 2013

Independent: Too Hot to Handle
Tuesday, 29 October 2013, 07:52 , by Gejtu Vella

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Going back to local challenges a number of hot issues are taking shape simultaneously on the national agenda. I will attempt to address some.

It is common knowledge that the gay community has mounted substantial pressure within our society, not least within political parties, during the past months. Without going into the merits of the issue, the gay community have lobbied in favour of their cause and now they have it black on white. The gay community should be proud of this achievement. I firmly believe that no one has a right to interfere in others’ lives.

The only concern I raise is, if and when a gay or lesbian couple decides to adopt a child. I do not question their quality of parenthood, but the child’s ability to grow in a same sex partnership unit in a small and blinkered society such as ours. Hopefully our small community is capable to accept such a step without putting children adopted by same sex couples under unbearable pressures which may include bullying, victimisation, harassment or intimidation of various forms. Our society is duty bound to legalise in favour of gay civil partnership, but it is also obliged to protect children. International professional studies on this issue give conflicting conclusions, if not outright contrary. A study tailor-made to our local environment and structures should help our parliamentarians take the right decisions in the best interest of adopted children by gay or lesbian couples, the gay community, and society. This may help our parliamentarians to take informed decisions while at the same time help to prepare society handle such a sensitive issue if our parliament approves this right. Our society should not let vulnerable children swim in deep waters alone but must resort to professional advice and guidance before decisions are taken and the future of children is left to chance. Professionals have a duty to speak out now before commitments are made as this issue goes beyond partisan politics and religious mores.


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