Monday, 28 October 2013

Independent: PN, PL cosying up to gays - Adrian Vassallo
Thursday, 24 October 2013, 12:00

“Children are not a consumer item,” Adrian Vassallo told this newspaper, when asked about same sex adoptions.

“I have always been loyal towards Labour’s electoral programme, and since I didn’t agree with this proposal which formed part of Labour’s electoral programme, I decided to call it a day and refrain from contesting the March general election.”

Dr Vassallo said: “What was considered as ‘normal’ in the past has become strange and what was deemed as something ‘bad’ has suddenly become the ‘right’ thing to do and this is why we conservative people have been dubbed as dinosaurs, simply because we simply stand by what was considered to be the norm and the right thing for donkeys’ years.”

Asked why he was so outright against gay couples adopting, Dr Vassallo said: “You ask why, I’ll tell you why.”

Dr Vassallo said that “if a child who is straight and adopted by a gay couple, the child will eventually feel out of place on seeing his/her parents hug and kiss each other.”

“As a result the child will end up experiencing psychological problems, encountering bullying at school while also eventually facing job limitations. When the child is of his age he/she will start to realise that something about his/her parents is odd.

“The unfortunate thing about all this is that the Nationalists have suddenly started cosying up to gays while Labour has been doing so for years,” he said.

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