Thursday, 10 May 2012

Times: Brawl after lesbian case
Thursday, May 10, 2012 by Waylon Johnston

Momentary mayhem in court corridor after witnesses come to blows

A full-blown fistfight broke out in a courthouse corridor yesterday between a teenage lesbian couple, two teenage boys and three women, moments after evidence was heard about another fight in which the same youngsters were involved.

Shoes went flying, spectacles were left in pieces on the floor and unadulterated, foul language wasexchanged in the empty main corridor outside the court room occupied by Magistrate Joseph Apap Bologna.

Police took a few moments to arrive, by which time a court usher had managed to break up the brawl.

The case revolves around a fight involving the teenage boys, a 35-year-old woman and the lesbian couple that took place in January in a Ħamrun square.

The couple claim they were attacked simply because of their sexual orientation while the boys are claiming they were provoked.

A woman also involved in the case claims she was just trying to break up the fight.

During yesterday's sitting, one boy, 15, told the court he had been challenged to fight the girls, so he did.

The girls were dancing inside a gazebo, in front of his girlfriend's house, when they turned their backsides towards him and his girlfriend, who were standing in the balcony, and started slapping their bottoms, he said.

He retorted with a sarcastic tone and they called him a "pufta". He started calling them lesbians and they challenged him to a fight.

Lawyer Cedric Mifsud, appearing for the girls, asked the boy why he went down to fight them and he asked: "So if someone challenges you to a fight, wouldn't you go?"

Taking the witness stand, the 35-year-old woman said she only got involved to stop the fight.

She said she was present when the girls were dancing and they challenged her daughter's boyfriend to a fight. She left the house when her dog escaped in the panic and she went to pull the 15-year-old boy back.

The woman claimed that one of the girls also challenged her to a fight and she asked her if she was crazy.

The case was deferred and all hell broke loose in the corridor outside.A woman related to the teenage boys, the 35-year-old, the teenage girls and another woman related to the girls suddenly turned violent.

There was hair-pulling, shouting and profanities being bandied about until the police arrived and the situation was brought under control. The case continues.

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