Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Di-ve: JPO - Shame on the Bishop for discriminating against different kinds of families
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19 May 2012 -- 14:10CEST

Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando hit out against a pastoral letter by the Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech, in which the Bishop said a family was a relationship between man and woman, based on marriage.

Writing on Facebook, Dr Pullicino Orlando said that Bishop Grech had absolutely no right to encourage discrimination against families he saw as 'flawed.'

"If this is why we seem to be dragging our feet in relation to the promised regularisation of gay unions - SHAME!"

In the controversial pastoral letter Mgr Grech and Mgr Debrincat said that no other relationship could be equalled to a family.

They said that while many people considered any group of people who lived together because they loved one another to be a family, they were not a 'real family'.

They said it was the duty of the state to recognise real families and develop a policy in their favour.

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