Monday, 21 May 2012

Di-ve: Equal rights are first step to abolish discrimination – LGBT Labour
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Current Affairs -- 17 May 2012 -- 12:35CEST

Equal rights and the acknowledgement of LGBT families are the first steps that can help abolish homophobia in Malta, LGBT Labour said.

In a press statement, LGBT Labour said that despite the promises made by the government that go back to 1998, till today we have a situation where LGBT couples are inexistent for the Maltese law.

"These couples are continuously being discriminated and thus left in a very vulnerable state. The fact that these couples are also discriminated by the state causes the relationships of these persons to be harmed."

LGBT Labour is calling for the political parties to join forces on this cause and have the law on civil union seriously discussed. Through this union, LGBTs will be treated as equal, normal persons in our society, the group added.
The group thanked ONE productions for allowing the campaign against homophobia "Think before you speak", to be aired on their TV station.

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