Monday, 4 March 2013

Times: AD's position on LGBT rights closest to MGRM
Saturday, March 2, 2013, 15:09

Alternattiva Demokratika’s position on LGBT rights and issues is the closest to that of the Malta Gay Rights Movement, the movement said in a statement.

It said that as in past elections, it sent a questionnaire to the three main political parties requesting their positions and responses were received from the Labour Party and AD.

The positions taken by AD were the most similar to those of MGRM.

The Labour Party, it said, proposed civil unions at par with marriage but not marriage equality. Another difference was the lack of support by the PL to changes to the Embryo Protection Act granting access to reproductive health services to LGBT individuals and couples. Both PL and AD proposed additional measures in support of LGBT rights.

MGRM said that in absence of the questionnaire responses, the movement took the PN party manifesto and other public declarations made by the Prime Minister recently regarding the PN's support for a new gender identity bill as the party’s official position.

This left some uncertainty as to the scope of the civil partnership bill the PN were proposing as the form of legal recognition of same-sex couples and whether it would go beyond what was proposed in a bill moved in the last legislature, which bill did not enjoy the support of the LGBT community.

A copy of the MGRM objectives for the 2013-2018 legislative period and the questionnaire responses can be seen in the pdf link below.

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