Monday, 4 March 2013

Di-ve: AD – Marriage rights for Transgender people

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AD calls upon the Maltese government to withdraw its submissions against Joanne Cassar with immediate effect, and remove the legal obstacles against her ability to marry.

AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio said that the Government not only failed to progress the legislation that was tabled through a private member’s bill and fought Joanne Cassar all the way to the Constitutional Court to deny her the fundamental right to marry her male partner, this in spite of clear European Court of Human Rights case-law dating back to 2002.

PN Leader Lawrence Gonzi stated that PN will introduce gender recognition legislation for transgender persons during the next legislature if re-elected in government, also claiming that the reason for which parliament has never discussed the transgender recognition private members bill before was due to lack of time.

AD candidate Silvan Agius said that regarding the ongoing battle between the Maltese government against Joanne Cassar’s rights in Strasbourg the Maltese government is submitting that Joanne’s birth certificate was only altered to allow her to preserve her privacy, but that the Maltese government continues to regard her as a man in line with the natal sex under which she was recorded.

AD feels that PN is on the one hand actively fighting against transgender rights, and on the other asking transgender people to vote for it party during the upcoming election.

AD Chairperson concluded that in parliament AD will table legislation ensuring the recognition of transgender people’s gender without unnecessary delays or invasion of privacy, thus living up to the human rights standards of the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, and MGRM’s call for transgender equality.

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