Monday, 4 March 2013

Di-ve: AD calls on transgender recognition legislation

AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio condemned the government for failing to put forward the transgender recognition Private Member’s Bill and for denying Joanne Cassar her fundamental human right to marry her male partner.

The AD called for the Government to withdraw its case against Joanne Cassar and remove any legal obstacles that may hinder her right to marry.

Michael Briguglio reiterated that if in parliament, AD, will propose bills ensuring the recognition of transgender’s rights and their equality within society.

Dr. Briguglio accused the government of violating the European Court of Human Rights case law when it fought Ms. Cassar’s case all the way to the Constitutional court in Strasbourg and also criticised the PN for asking transgender people for their vote while the party fights against their rights.

AD candidate Silvan Agius held that the government is claiming that Joanne’s birth certificate was only amended to allow her to preserve her privacy, but the government continues to regard her as a man.

Earlier today transgender recognition was the subject of a question put forward by Celine Falzon to Prime Minister Gonzi who pledged that should PN be re-elected in government he will introduce gender recognition legislation for transgender persons during the next legislature. He also stated that the reason for which parliament had never discussed the transgender recognition private members bill was lack of time.

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