Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Di-ve: Labour urges young people to involve themselves in politics

by di-ve.com - editorial@di-ve.com
Politics -- 25 September 2011 -- 14:10CEST

A campaign to urge young people to get involved in politics has been launched by the Labour Party's youth section.

The Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti campaign START was launched today in Sliema, with Labour leader Joseph Muscat stressing the need for more young people and women to participate in politics.

Next March's local elections, which will see new councils elected in half of Malta's localities, was a particular focus for the Labour leader. Dr Muscat insisted that councils were in need of change, and should not simply become an extension of the national government.

Dr Muscat said that in politics, the young had typically served as window dressing, and insisted that his party sought to change this. He said that political parties could not forget that the earth did not revolve around them, and that they could end up irrelevant if they do not notice changes in society.

The Labour leader touched on a number of issues which were of concern to the young, stating his opposition to limiting student intake at university, lamenting delays in drawing up IVF legislation and stressing the need for improved gay rights legislation.

The Labour leader also referred to the divorce law, lamenting that the structures which need to be set up to deal with divorce applications have not yet been put in place, even though the law comes into force next week.

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