Saturday, 6 February 2010

Times: Abortion talk 'leads to confusion'
Thursday, 4th February 2010

Talk of abortion in national discussions as something justifiable leads to confusion over the value of life, according to Gozo Bishop Mario Grech.

He said not everyone recognised the absolute value of human life and so would consider discarding children about to be born with a defect or disability. This led people to doubt the meaning of life, Mgr Grech said on the feast of Don Bosco last Sunday.

Last week, comments by Labour's deputy leader Toni Abela provoked the ire of pro-life group Gift of Life when he reiterated a position expressed years before, that he would consider abortion as acceptable in cases such as war-rape or when the child was born with a disability.

The Bishop said confusion also existed about the nature and aims of marriage. While these concepts were clear in the minds of some people, others were proposing "false and dangerous concepts of marriage and the family".

Also last week, President George Abela came under fire from the Malta Gay Rights Movement for defining the family as a man and woman in a life-long commitment linked to procreation. In the movement's view, this excludes any other form of relationship, including childless marriages and homosexual relationships.

Mgr Grech said it was irresponsible to pander to public opinion on these issues, saying "responsibility and justice demand that serious issues such as these are presented according to their objective truth.

"It is only in this way that we can give sensible answers to anyone begging to know the true meaning of life."

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