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MaltaStar: Homophobic graffiti “not seen as a threat” by police

22 August 2009 18:28
It was on Thursday 13 August, when John* returned home to see the words “No Gays” written on the walls of his living area and on the bathroom tiles.

“On Thursday I went to the house at 1100 hrs and found they had entered through a door on the roof.” Only a limited number of people have access to the roof so it must have been someone who knows the neighbourhood, John told

John holds a dual citizenship – British and Maltese. He and his partner have been living together for over thirteen years. Three years ago they were legally married in the UK. Currently they are refurbishing the house and plan to live in Malta. “It has never occurred to my partner and I to hide our relationship,” he told this e-newspaper.

He described his neighbours as being “friendly” and “welcoming” and at no stage did he encounter any negative attitudes. He attributes this ‘hate crime’ “to a person or a group who is certainly not typical of the locals.”

“What they are saying is they don't want our lot living close by and, of course, they have no right to do so. We won't be intimidated. Humans are complicated creatures and it would be unfortunate to confine someone to just their sexual preference.”

The news was first revealed by Sandro Mangion in his blog, who stated: “acts like these demonstrate that the road towards a total emancipation of sexual minorities is a long one indeed.”

The police force was of little help, John told A “poorly secured” property was the reason given to John by the police for not carrying an investigation in the case.

“Clearly the police do not see this hate crime as a threat to me or to my partner,” John added.

*name changed on request of the victim

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MaltaStar: House vandalised with homophobic graffiti

House vandalised with homophobic graffiti
20 August 2009 15:12
A person broke into a residence and vandalised the walls of a newly refurbished house with homophobic messages.

In his blog published on, Sandro Mangion reveales how this hate crime was addressed to his friend.

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Sandro Mangion wrote: “The "no gays" warning has been written on Malta's metaphoric wall for a very long time; so much so that it triggered the birth and growth of a whole movement that strives for an inclusive society based on reciprocal respect and a celebration of diversity.”

“A substantial change has already taken place, but acts like these demonstrate that the road towards a total emancipation of sexual minorities is a long one indeed,” Mangion added.

This e-newspaper had also carried out an interview with Patrick Attard,an outspoken Maltese gay activit, who had expressed his concerns that homosexuals might end up “having problems at home or work should people see them on TV.”

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  1. Gay men and lesbians must always take precautions and never assume that their neighbours have no problems with homosexuality. All too often, those of them who are not Maltese look at our dear little island through rose-coloured glasses. Even so, it is important to report such incidents even if no action is or can be taken by the police.

  2. I am sad to hear what you have been put through. It is pure ignorance that this is allowed to happen under the nose of the 'law'.

    Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. Although not gay myself, I have good friends and family that are and have grown up with the understanding that love does not care what form you take on as long as it is real.

    Wishing you both well