Friday, 21 August 2009

MaltaStar: How low can we go? (Welcome to the Neighbourhood)

20 August 2009 15:15 by Sandro Mangion

The level of intolerance some Maltese people have allowed themselves to fall into leaves me speechless. I would like to express solidarity with a friend of mine, whose house has been vandalised by someone who broke into his residence and left a threatening homophobic 'work of art' on one of the newly-restored old walls.

Oh, dear Malta, where have your "love thy neighbour" values gone?

The "no gays" warning has been written on Malta's metaphoric wall for a very long time; so much so that it triggered the birth and growth of a whole movement that strives for an inclusive society based on reciprocal respect and a celebration of diversity. A substantial change has already taken place, but acts like these demonstrate that the road towards a total emancipation of sexual minorities is a long one indeed.

Let our police force and politicians take such cases seriously and send out a clear signal that hate crimes aren't tolerated.

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