Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Thank You

I would like to thank all the 282 voters who believed in me and gave me the number 1 vote (5th district: 224, 12th district: 58 + me).

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those who helped deliver my flyers in the 2 largest districts on the island. Thank you Alex, Matthew, Brenda, Simon, Oisin, Saviour & Mario, Ryan, Richard, Vicky, Steve and Els. I would also like to thank Antoine, Anthony and Mario for spreading my message within the gay community through their websites and David Bell for letting me use the Adams Hotel bar for a discussion. I would like to say a big thank you to Chris for supplying me with the information regarding the EU Resolutions and adding invaluable insight to some of my articles.

I would like to thank Dr. Harry Vassallo for believing in me and taking the risk of taking me on board as a candidate even though I could turn out to be more of a political liability than an asset in this religious country. I would like to take the chance to show my high respect for Harry who phoned me to ensure my well-being when I was overwhelmed with a number of disturbing emails. I feel honoured to have had the chance to work with you: Carmel Cacopardo, Victor Galea, Ralph Cassar, Stephen Cachia, Edward Fenech, Arnold Cassola, Christian Mizzi and all the AD family.

I am glad that I got 282 honest votes, in some cases more than some closet, self-hating, hypocritical, church-siding, gay candidates in this election.

Thank you all

Dr. Patrick Attard


  1. Dear Patrick Attard,

    It is the people who voted for you, and those who could not vote (like me) who thank you. You have given some hope to the Maltese who still believe that Malta can one day become a civilized country.

    I wish I could be more encouraging, but I must admit that I am too sad to be optimistic. The Maltese have yet again elected the same persons who will continue in their arrogant ways.....for another five years corruption will not stop, gays will not have equal rights like other citizens, the environement will be neglected, public transport will not improve, and worst of all, Malta will not become a secular state.

    I give up hoping for a better Malta.

    Victor Micallef,
    Geneva, Switzerland

  2. Dear Dr. Attard,
    I would like to congratulate you for the votes that you managed to get and for the hope that you re giving to the gay community.
    Im sure that soon enough your voice will be the one which will break through barriers of closeminded people.
    Best regards
    Daniel cauchi

  3. Dear Dr Attard,
    regretfully it is still the same old story: high hopes for AD and then the people let you down. It's been going like this since AD first contested the elections. However, you give me hope for some reason or another. I just hope against hopes that you do not give up now. Please, keep up the good work already performed and hold your head up. Ppl like you serve as an inspiration.