Saturday, 1 March 2008

My views on Transport

In my view, the transport situation in Malta can be improved by encouraging the use of motorcycles and improving the public transport.

Malta's climate with its mild temperatures and very good weather which makes it very motorcycle/bicycle friendly. Most of the times, people are driving alone to and from work without carrying any heavy items. By reducing the registration tax and licence, more people can be encouraged to ride one, reducing the poisonous gases emitted in the air. Furthermore the road need to be made safer by increasing the public awareness and the sense of responsibility. If trucks spill sand or dirt at sharp corners or roundabouts, a heavy on the spot fine should be issued. Moreover the owners of vehicles which are found to spill oil should also be fined on the spot, since these too can cause fatal accidents for motorcyclists. In addition there should be stricter fines for Stop or Red light infringements. There should be clear road markings and signposting too.

I think the introduction of a yearly bus card for regular users is extremely important. If every passenger takes 6 seconds to pay the driver and take the ticket, 10 passengers are equivalent to one minute lost.

New buses should have 2 doors so that less time is required for people to alight or embark on the bus.

Buses which are stationary at a bus-stop and signal that they want to enter the traffic, should have priority (like in Germany) and the cars have to give way to them. This encourages the bus-drivers to stop close to the pavement.

There should be buses (in a different colour) which only drive through bypasses and do not go to the town centres. Even though people would have to walk for a few minutes or change bus, it will take them much less to reach their destination. It takes me 1h45 to go from Naxxar to Marsaxlokk (one-way) by bus.

I believe in trying to live in harmony with nature. That's why I would encourage friendly modes of transport, by reducing the registration tax/licence on motorycles, small and hybrid cars and sailing vessels.


  1. I used to have the same opinion regarding motorcycles, however safe motorcycling requires heavy protective clothing, which doesn't marry well with our climate, especially in summer. I speak from experience, after having endured an accident in summer.

  2. david: there are a number of factors which contribute to motorcycle accidents and they can be tackled one by one. (

    In Malta we don't get much rain and the temperatures are mild enough to ride the motorcycle practically all the year round. There is also a range of protective clothing ideal for summer with back, shoulder and elbow protection.

    My emphasis is on sand or dirt falling from trucks, oil seaping from vehicles, potholes and more awareness from other drivers (

    In Malta the lane markings tend to be invisible on a rainy day at night and this creates a big danger considering there is less grip.

    The roads should be safer not only for motorycles but there should be cycle lanes, pavements which are wheel-chair, roller blade and skateboard friendly too.