Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Times: A Christian viewpoint on same-sex ‘marriage’

Sunday, November 24, 2013, 00:01 by George Ebejer, Cospicua

Some believe that gay marriage is a fundamental issue of equality and are determined to enact legislation to make this possible. How they propose that two people of the same sex in a gay marriage relationship can conceive a baby (biologically impossible) is a drastic viewpoint to force on others through the law.

Marriage is the traditional and biblical format for families, mother, father and children – it agrees with science and cannot be refuted, which possibly explains the lack of a proper debate. Having two people in a gay marriage requires their bringing in another person of a different sex to make a family, who is not in the marriage relationship with the first two; how, therefore, can that be marriage?

Yet this is called ‘equality’, where a child is denied having one of its two biological parents. I am both saddened and mystified at the stupidity of our politicians. Marriage is more than a ceremony; not only is it a way of life, it is God’s plan for the family, and hence, having children.

This is now under vicious attack from the hard atheist left, which has infiltrated politics and some denominations (particularly the clergy). It is not only a plain denial of science (biology) but also common sense, along with the Holy Scripture. This is an attack on the Bible, God’s Word, and centuries old Maltese tradition by those who are supposed to defend the truth.

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