Thursday, 26 December 2013

Di-ve: May we ask, Your Honour? 009 - Didn't we have enough?
4.12.2013 by Joseph M. Cachia

Your Honour, can we please now refrain from permitting any more ‘Gay Pride Parades’, though, honestly, I can’t see any ‘pride’ in publicly manifesting one’s personal and private sexual orientation? Though these people should not be demeaned, neither should they be heard! Could we now rest in peace from any ‘gay’, ‘heterosexual’ or ‘anti-gay’ public manifestations, now that our Government has seen fit to grant ‘gays’ the full and equal rights and benefits accorded to the traditionally married couples?

It was well understood that such manifestations were intended to protest against any discriminatory treatment to traditionally married couples and not as an advertising, propaganda and promotional campaign for adherents to the club.

Your Honour, if things are going to persist in such manifestations, don’t you think that heterosexuals may be tempted to also publicly promote their sexual orientation? Or that anti-gays would also want to have their say in the matter? And what would we be having, Battles of Flowers?

Are such manifestations going to result in becoming an annual event, not unlike Xmas, Carnival and Easter, and publicised in our yearly calendar? And are such events going to be considered as a tourist attraction?

Not unlike religion, education for sexuality belongs in the home and that’s where the choice should rest. There is no benefit gained from going public in strictly personal and private confidentialities. Pride is not a sin but neither is it a virtue!

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