Friday, 27 December 2013

All Out: India [criminalised homosexuality again]


I’m Ria, from Bangalore, India.
On Wednesday, my country made it a crime to be gay. Will you sign the petition and stand with me against the law?
India just made it a crime to be gay – again. Four years after its anti-gay law was suspended, the Supreme Court has turned back the clock. Every lesbian, gay, bi and trans person in India is now in danger of jail, blackmail or worse.
The long fight by dedicated Indian activists will go on. It's a frightening moment for people in India, including Indian All Out members. But days like this are for standing together, and there's strength and hope in numbers.
Will you sign a message of hope and love? All the names will be sent to LGBT groups across India. Anyone reading the messages will know – none of us stand alone.
India is home to 17% of the world's population, so huge numbers of people – millions – just had their rights stripped away. At protests across India, there's been a message of hope and defiance: Ladenge, Jeetenge. It means 'we will fight, we will win'.
There have been years of dedicated work by Indian groups, battling through India's legal system, but this fight still has a long way to go. It could be appealed through the courts, or the parliament could choose to repeal the anti-gay law altogether.
The path forward isn't certain. And in times of uncertainty, massive demonstrations of support and friendship can bring new strength and the courage to carry on. For example, lots of Russian All Out members facing a new anti-gay law say that messages of love and hope from around the world help keep them going.
It's quick and easy to add yourname, and you can add your own message if you like:
Thanks for going All Out,
Andre, Daniel, Hayley, Jeremy, Marie, Marie-Marguerite, Mike, Sara and the rest of the All Out team.
PS: Sometimes the best thing to do is to reach out to each other, and feel we're not alone in a world where sometimes things seem to be slipping backwards. We're All Out together. Sign a message of love and hope for India:
PPS: Do you know an LGBT group in India who might like to receive thousands of messages of support from All Out members in India and around the world? Email Daniel at
India top court reinstates gay sex ban - BBC, 11 December 2013
Suresh Kumar Kaushal v. Naz Foundation - Supreme Court of India decision
"And, finally, activists in Russia posted pictures just to say 'thanks'" - Buzzfeed, 4 September 2013
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I just became a criminal. India's Supreme Court brought back our anti-gay law. Now, lesbian, gay, bi and trans people like me could face jail, blackmail or worse.
The Government says it wants to stop this law, but they're afraid of upsetting some voters before next year's election. So they're stalling – but they're worried about their international reputation too.
We need a massive swell of voices from India and around the world to outweigh the Government’s worries about upsetting anti-gay voters in India, and push them to end this law.
Will you help by signing the petition right now, then asking your friends and family to do the same?
Since the Supreme Court decision, pressure has been growing on our leaders in India. The UN says that applying this law – called Section 377 – to lesbian, gay, bi and trans people breaks international law. And, protests here and around the world have been reported in the media.
Our Law Minister, Kapil Sibal says the Government doesn't support the anti-gay law, but so far he hasn't said they'll do anything about it. If we don't get them to act soon, this law could stay in place for years.
We’ve got an election coming soon and a conservative party that's in favour of this law is likely to win. Can you sign this petition to end the anti-gay law in India?
Section 377 was introduced by Britain when it ruled India centuries ago. Now, some people defend this law by saying that my identity is a dangerous, western import. But they're wrong – for 4,000 years India has celebrated diversity, not just gay and lesbian people but hijra people too, a gender identity with an ancient history.
When Uganda announced its now stalled 'Kill the Gays' bill, I signed a petition with All Out because I wanted to help, to stand with Ugandans and people around the world. And I acted on Russia with over half a million All Out members too. Together we've made their anti-gay law bigger news than the winter Olympics.
Will you stand with me now against this life-destroying law in India?
Sign here:

Thanks for standing with me,

Ria, All Out member, and the whole All Out team.
PS: “Love always wins. You are not alone! Keep fighting, keep strong!” Isadora, All Out member from Brazil. Thanks, Isadora and everyone who sent 60,000 messages of support. Please sign the petition now too:
Anti-gay ruling in India sparks fears of historical rewind, Al Jazeera America:
Suresh Kumar Kaushal v. Naz Foundation - Supreme Court of India decision
Indian ban on gay sex violates international law: U.N, Reuters:
Government likely to challenge SC order on Section 377, IBN Live:
India's transgendered - the Hijras, New Statesman:

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