Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Malta Star: Fined €500 after assaulting lesbians in Hamrun

Tuesday, 12 Jun 2012, 05:57

Two young men who assaulted a lesbian couple in Hamrun were fined €500 each but the court said there was no evidence that this was a hate crime or that the couple was lesbian.

The two young women were not found guilty of offending the men or that they injured one of them. 35 year old Mary Aquilina was fined €50 after she was found guilty of threatening one of the young women.

Magistrate Joseph Apap Bologna said he was amazed that the media had reported this incident as hate crime against lesbians as no proof was presented in court that the women were lesbians.

The court said the incident happened on 13 January 2012 at around 7.30pm when the young women were dancing together in a gazebo. At one point two young men started making fun of them. Mary Aquilina also got involved. A fight broke out and one of the young women was injured in her face and on one of her cheeks and near one of her ears she had swellings.

The court said that when it came to pass judgment it considered that one of the young men said that he does not mind beating up a young woman. The young women were not provoking anyone. The magistrate said that the young men are too young to be sent to prison.

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