Friday, 25 November 2011

Australia: Tell Julia You Support Marriage Equality

Tell Julia You Support Marriage Equality
Dear Equality Supporter,
Today the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said that same-sex couple should be denied the opportunity to celebrate the meaning of marriage:

"I support maintaining the Marriage Act in its current form and the government will not move legislation to change it. My position flows from my strong conviction that the institution of marriage has come to have a particular meaning and standing in our culture and nation and that should continue unchanged." Prime Minister Julia Gillard
This is despite most Labor State Conferences and State Leaders joining the majority of Australians who believe in equality. We have been contacted by many supporters within Labor, who will keep fighting for equality and are hope ful that a change to the ALP National Platform in support of marriage equality will still happen.
There are three easy ways you can tell Julia Gillard that she is wrong :

Thank you for the difference you are making,

Alex Greenwich
National Convener
Australian Marriage Equality
Australian Marriage Equality In Action:

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