Sunday, 23 October 2011

MaltaStar: 56% of university students agree with same sex marriage
19 October 2011 17:11

More than 56% of university students agree with same sex marriage, an increase of 13% over last year. 61% of female students agree to gay marriage while only half of the male students agree. The survey was carried out by student group ‘Move’ among a sample of 700 students.

51% of students say that gays should not have the right to adopt children. 60% of students say they are not satisfied with the service offered by Arriva. Nearly 54% believe that they will not have an adequate pension when they retire.

In a discussion at the University of Malta Wednesday afternoon where the survey results were presented Cyrus Engerer said that it does not make sense that the state recognizes same sex marriage which is legal in other countries but then does not allow the same legal right to gay couples in Malta and Gozo.

Labour MP Owen Bonnici said that the PL is in favour of recognizing the union of gay couples. PN MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said eh cannot understand how gay couples are not allowed to adopt children openly when they already do so without revealing their sexual orientation.

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