Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Times: Colourful, noisy gay pride parade in Valletta
Saturday, 17th July 2010 - 11:27CET

Some 300 people are marching in Valletta this morning in the Gay Pride Parade, the highlight of Pride Week organised by Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM).
The parade is colourful and noisy, with many of the participants blowing whistles as they hold banners and placards calling for equal rights and opportunities for gay people. Many are also holding balloons.
Among the placards are: "God is an equal opportunities lover" and "Attitudes are the real disability".
Representatives of all the political parties are taking part, including Karl Gouder, Marthese Portelli and David Agius for the PN and Evarist Bartolo and Owen Bonnici for the PL.
Chiara and 'Muxu' are to take the stage at the end of the parade.
The theme of this year's Pride Week is 'Rights Now!'
"This theme clearly indicates the pressing need of awarding LGBT individuals and the family units that they form, rights which are equal to those of other family units. This theme also calls for anti-discrimination measures to be adopted across the board in other matters too, such as in access to goods and services," the movement said.
Meanwhile, in New York, the Obama administration and 14 members of the US Congress have urged the UN Economic and Social Council to accredit the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission so it can work at the United Nations.
The US-based organisation, which has offices in South Africa, Argentina and the Philippines, has been trying since 2007 to get consultative status with the council, which serves as the main UN forum for discussing international economic and social issues.
The organisation, the US government and the members of Congress believe the group's application has not been approved because it promotes gay rights.
The council, known as Ecosoc, is currently holding its high-level meeting at UN headquarters and the United States decided to seek approval directly from its membership.
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