Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ: Gaby Calleja, Malta Gay Rights Movement

Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ: TVM 12.10.9: Julia Farrugia tintervista lil Gaby Calleja, MGRM

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--- Julia Farrugia Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ with Gabi Calleja

Tonight Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ delves into gay rights issues.

Quizzed by Julia Farrugia Gabi Calleja, co-ordinator of the Malta Gay Rights Movement, answers the most intriguing questions.

Which political party is more likely to favour gay issues? With more than 22,000 gay people in Malta, is it high time that a new political gay-friendly party is set up?

Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ is produced by 24seven Media. Research by Tonio Bonello.

Previous editions of Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ can be viewed through’s on-demand media library.

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