Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Di-ve: Campaign promotes acceptance of LGBT families

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Current Affairs -- 28 October 2009 -- 16:00CEST
ILGA-Europe, an association of over 200 European NGOs concerned with LGBT issues, will be holding its 2009 annual conference in Malta between October 29 and November 1, accompanied by a poster campaign urging for the legal recognition and acceptance of LGBT families and their children.

The conference is being organised in partnership with the Malta Gay Rights Movement.

Starting in Wednesday, and lasting for the duration of the conference, a number of posters from ILGA-Europe’s “Different Families, Same Love” campaign, translated into Maltese, will be displayed on bus stops throughout the country.

The posters aim to highlight the challenges faced by LGBT families and their children due to the lack of legal recognition, as well as positive developments which have occurred at the European level

“We are glad to see our family campaign posters being displayed in Malta. We hope that the images and short stories on the posters will make many people think and agree that all families regardless of partners’ and their children’s sexual orientation and gender identity deserve same respect, recognition and protection,” co-chair of ILGA-Europe executive board Linda Freimane commented.

MGRM spokesman Bernard Muscat said that the Maltese NGO believed that “it is high time for Malta to stop ignoring the presence of same-sex families in Malta as if they did not exist and did not contribute to Maltese society in the same way opposite-sex couples do.

“It is crucial to enact the necessary legislation changes to ensure that different forms of families are recognised as equal before the law, irrespective of the partners’ sexual orientation or gender identity.”


comment J Farrugia / 10/28/2009
Malta must not allow itself to be used by a tiny minority of nitwits. If they want to show themselves what they are its their business but we will not sell our morals for this tiny minority. The less they speak of themselves the better it will be for them. Remember mother Russia. And remember that God made them man and woman. All other forms are against nature and its divine call.

comment Arthur Barry / 10/28/2009
G & L will always remain the same. Immoral and anti social. God forbid if ever we have to adapt to these antisocial elements in our midst. They should not try to pride themselves with what they are. Let them live their own lives decently and not as we see them in the lions pride.

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