Friday, 2 October 2009

Times: University: Cocktails, condoms and a world-renowned scientist

Thursday, 1st October 2009 by Christian Peregin

[Excerpt of the article]

There's only one place where you can expect to find priests handing out cocktails, telephony companies handing out free condoms and world-renowned scientists taking part in a debate, all at the same time.

The University opened its gates to another Freshers' Week yesterday and hundreds of students buzzed around, catching up with old friends, joining organisations and seeing all the university has to offer.

The Quadrangle, as the main square is called, was filled with various companies all trying their best to stand out and handing out free merchandise ranging from pens to razors.

Vodafone stood out by handing out free condoms with their new student package - a dig at the age-old university debate about whether a condom machine should be installed or not.


Some new organisations were more proactive than others. The newly formed "progressive" organisation, Move, went around asking students to fill up their survey, challenging them to give their views on all the hot issues: gay rights, divorce, abortion and the morning-after pill.

The Chaplaincy tried a different approach and just attracted students by handing out non-alcoholic cocktails they prepared on the spot.


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