Friday, 11 September 2009

Metro: British consul killed in gay-hate attack in Jamaica
By MILES ERWIN - Friday, September 11, 2009

A British consul has been found beaten to death in his Jamaican home in what is thought to be a homophobic attack.

Father-of-three John Terry was attacked with a lamp in his own bed before being throttled. A handwritten note calling him a 'batty man' - a derogatory term for a homosexual - was left on the blood-spattered bed.

'There were also other things mentioned that can't be divulged yet,' said one detective on the case.

A gardener was said to have found the body after neighbours called to alert him a light had been left on in the house overnight.

The murder in the popular tourist destination of Montego Bay has shocked the island, where Mr Terry lived for about 40 years.

The diplomat, who separated from his wife three years ago, was last seen when he drove home on Tuesday night.

His body was not found until the following afternoon. Deputy superintendent Michael Garrick said: 'His head and upper body were repeatedly hit with a heavy object, believed to be the base of a bed lamp.'

There were no signs that the house had been broken into and no arrests have been made, he added.

Born in New Zealand, Mr Terry was a magistrate and an honorary consul to the British High Commission in the district. A British citizen, he was made an MBE in 1992.

As well as his diplomatic duties, he worked in the maintenance department of the Half Moon Bay hotel in Montego Bay. His wife and two children live in the capital, Kingston.

Honorary consuls are volunteers who provide help to Britons who get into difficulties abroad.

Foreign secretary David Miliband paid tribute to Mr Terry, saying: 'My thoughts are with his wife and children. He will be greatly missed too by colleagues and all those who knew him.'

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